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Fanfic, Podfic 
6th-Apr-2008 10:00 am
Whoverse: CSI
Username: darsynia
My offer: I can write for whatever prompt you'd like (episode tag, art, video, etc.), and I also can record podfic of your stories (if by some chance you'd like me to record a podfic of someone else's work, please have permission from them prior to asking!).
Link to example(s): My fanfiction tags on LJ | alternate link to fanfiction || What Really Matters Podfic (Last Man spoilers) | Those Left Behind Podfic (Epiphany tag) both by me (right click save as)
I'll write/record: gen, slash, het, any pairing, any rating--seriously, if I haven't written the requested pairing yet, it'll be a nice challenge, same goes for characters
I won't write/create/vid: Extreme violence is about the only thing I'd say I would have trouble writing; as for Podfic, I'd need to read through the story before agreeing because sometimes it just doesn't work
Status: Available
4th-Aug-2008 02:33 am (UTC)

I'm thinking about shamelessly taking advantage of your offer, since we kinda never really get round to plot talks any more and you know I love your writing. *evil grin*

Of course I feel a bit guilty about going all like "Oh, I want, I want" on you, especially since I already dump my fics on you to get input from you. But then again ... the next time I don't get to talk to you cause you're writing, it might as well be becasue you're writing something for me *innocent look* I think I kinda like the idea.

You could write me some fluff, you know? McShep of course what else? LOL Maybe some really cliché "OMG, I almost lost him, I have an epiphany" fic? And you know about my love for first-times.

Anyway, it would be totally awesome if you'd do it, but of course you don't have to. Either way, you're not getting out of our next brainstorming session, sweetie, cause I am STILL stuck in that place.

Talk to you soon?

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