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The Yellow Pages of SGA fandom

The Yellow Pages of SGA Fandom
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The Yellow Pages of SGA Fandom
Welcome to rent_a_fangirl, the yellow pages of SGA fandom.

What's that?
It's kinda like a prompt community for artists/vidders/writers.

But there's...!
Yeah, we know, there are several prompt!comms for SGA. rent_a_fangirl is not a place where you find the prompts, but people who want to be challenged/prompted/bunnied.

How does it work?
The a/v/w posts a short profile, mentioning what he/she's willing to do ('Make cover for your fic', 'Write drabble for your doodle', 'Make header for your comm', ...) and people can approach them with prompts/assignments/bunnies. The a/v/w can accept or reject the offer. Politely of course.

Why not just browse through the prompt comms like sga_genrequest or wraithbunnies?
Well, mechanics, painters, hairdressers, etc. don't search for their customers either, right? It's the other way round. You need someone to paint your living room, you check the yellow pages. You'd like a doodle of this really cool scene in one of your fics, you check the 'doodle' tag at rent_a_fangirl. It's that simple.

Do I have to pay/will I get paid for my work?
Since we are talking about fannish stuff, or transformative works -that's what the kids are calling it nowadays, right-, no, no payment. The client credits and praises properly and says thank you and that's all the required "payment" the rented person will get. There's no rule that forbids the client to do something nice for his rentperson, though. V-gift, drabble, icon, ...

What can I offer?
Well, more or less anything goes, as long as it's within livejournal regulations and not against the law.

How do I post my profile?


Entry subject line: Fanfic, fanart and/or fanvid

Username: Your username
My offer: I make covers for your fics, manips of your pairing, headers for your journal
Link to example(s): "Your url here"
I'll write/create/vid: gen, slash, het, any pairing, any rating
I won't write/create/vid: character death, bdsm, certain kinks (please ask in comments)
Status: Available/Busy

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