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The Yellow Pages of SGA fandom
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Welcome to "Rent a Fangirl" - The Yellow Pages of SGA Fandom
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6th-Sep-2010 12:42 am - *abuses her modly rights*
[boys]-tom hiddleston3

Join city_land, an interactive community centered around four towns with a bite: Bon Temps (True Blood), Los Angeles (Angel), Mystic Falls (The Vampire Diaries), and Sunnydale (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Read about the RULES & GUIDELINES and then JOIN the Team of your choosing. guess what's mine ;)

Sorry for all the spamming, but I need to earn some points for my team.
22nd-Apr-2009 05:22 am - Fanart
default happy face
Just found this comm and I hope it's not dead...

Username: mashimero
My offer: I can do traditional drawings and coloured (or not) in photoshop but I'm most comfortable with digital art. I really love doing covers/illustrations for fanfic, but I'd also be willing to do icons, banners, headers, and photomanips. Cracky prompts are always welcome :)
Link to example(s): Don't have a lot of examples but I think everything's up on my site except for some headers, which you can see here. My drawings are anime-based and I also do chibis.
I'll write/create/vid: Gen, het, slash, femmeslash. I'm open to most pairings but I'll have to say none with characters that have had only a few minutes of screentime (Stackhouse, Markham, Biro, etc).
I won't write/create/vid: My art usually falls into the G/PG rating, so no graphic sex or violence. Hand-drawn art could possibly go higher but it would be on a case by case basis.
Status: Available.
14th-Sep-2008 08:33 pm - New Art Community
[boys]-tom hiddleston3
What do you mean? I'm not abusing my mod rights...much ;P

art_bingo, where it's all about the Art! We're like kink_bingo, but without the kink and without the written word. We are a community that offers you the challenge of using your skills to score points on your choice of bingo cards. This community is not restricted to fandom. In fact, original art is not only welcome, it's encouraged!

In addition to general cards, there will be a new themed challenge every 6 weeks, some with seasonal prompts and others with general prompts, such as family, love, hate, crime, etc. Participants will have their choice of 3x3 or 5x5 general cards. All challenge cards are 3x3. Rewards, in the form of participation and high scoring banners, will be given to winners.

More at art_bingo.
[boys]-tom hiddleston3
You can now post your finished prompts at the comm, too.

Just remember: Ask your rentee first. If they say they don't want to share it with anybody you'll have to respect that.

Also: Rentees can post too. Just link to to your requested fanwork and remember to thank your fanperson profusely.

Since it's been ages, Sorry!, since I asked: Any changes?
6th-Jun-2008 08:12 pm - FANFIC
esspresso cups
username: neevebrody
my offer:
I can write drabbles, ficlets or fics to your art prompt, or just a general prompt if there's something specific you're jonesing for.
link to example(s):  My SGA fic is here, Hewligan here.
I'll write: pretty much anything you want me to, other than what's listed below.
pairings I'll write: I'm currently active in SGA fandom and write primarily slash pairings mainly McKay/Sheppard, but could write other pairings if motivated by the prompt.  I will not rule out femslash, but I think that would also depend on the prompt. The best rule of thumb here is to ask first about another pairings.  I've also written certain Hewligan crossovers, Boa v. Python/Thoughtcrimes (Brendan/Emmett) and I would consider writing RPS or any other Hewligan pairing I'm familiar with.  I also love writing Rodney's family, so anything including the Millers would be nice.  I've also written Lorne, OT4 and Gen, so I really do love to stretch my writerly muscles.  I have no problem with dark!fic or death!fic, if the prompt is right.  Again, a good rule of thumb – ask first in comments.
I won't write:  There are some things I won't write, simply because I don't have an interest in them (Mpreg) or a desire to go there (Violent/Non-Con/Rape).  I don't mind kink and will do light BDSM, but I won't write incest and will not write any character bashing.  Het is really not in my comfort zone (outside of OT4), but I would try if you've got a great prompt – although it is very difficult for me to pair John with anyone but Rodney (or OT4 as long as Rondey's there).  Absolutely no John/Elizabeth or John/Sam – sorry, I just can't.  Also, the only het pairing I feel comfortable writing for Rodney is Teyla and maybe Keller, but the prompt would be key there.  I love to write Carson, but I really can't ship him with anyone.  I think that covers it, but always feel free to ask first.  I can find inspiration from the strangest places sometimes and if you have a great prompt, I may not be able to resist.  

status: I'm busy as of September 14, 2008 and probably will be until the end of the year.  If you don't mind waiting, you could still leave a request - it might be something I could get to, you never know.

[boys]-tom hiddleston3
If you don't have a profile up yet you don't have to fill out the first poll, especially the part about your status.

The few people who did anyway have to put up a profile now. Why? 'cause I say so!
Nah, just kiddin'.

Have a nice one,
YfnM *runs off to work*
[boys]-tom hiddleston3
1) I'm thinking about making a new post about the comm at sga_noticeboard. lavvyan's idea
I need you to confirm your status. So please fill out the poll.
Poll #1199724 Status

Posting a new announcement at the noticeboard?


You are...


2) anna_luna suggested that finished prompts should/could be posted in individual posts to this comm instead of just as comments in the completed prompts post.

Poll #1199725 Single Posts

Post completed prompts in new entries?


ETA: Way back in...I don't even remember I announced that I'd post a glossary about the different kinds of fic & art. I tried to write something down, but I managed to even confuse myself.*facepalm*

Any volunteers to write a short something about drabbles, ficlets, original, art, manips, ...?
30th-May-2008 11:19 pm - Question for all members:
[boys]-tom hiddleston3
It's been kinda quiet lately. Don't cha think?

And because I'm really not that imaginative: What could we do to revive the comm and get more fangirls? Ideas? Please?

One thing I'll do: As a good,*coughs*, mod I'll post a reminder at my journal and switch my status back to available, although I still have some banners and manips to make. And I will!!!
6th-Apr-2008 10:00 am - Fanfic, Podfic
Whoverse: CSI
Username: darsynia
My offer: I can write for whatever prompt you'd like (episode tag, art, video, etc.), and I also can record podfic of your stories (if by some chance you'd like me to record a podfic of someone else's work, please have permission from them prior to asking!).
Link to example(s): My fanfiction tags on LJ | alternate link to fanfiction || What Really Matters Podfic (Last Man spoilers) | Those Left Behind Podfic (Epiphany tag) both by me (right click save as)
I'll write/record: gen, slash, het, any pairing, any rating--seriously, if I haven't written the requested pairing yet, it'll be a nice challenge, same goes for characters
I won't write/create/vid: Extreme violence is about the only thing I'd say I would have trouble writing; as for Podfic, I'd need to read through the story before agreeing because sometimes it just doesn't work
Status: Available
8th-Mar-2008 10:13 am - Fanart
Sunset John
 Username: comanche_rider
My offer: I can do any sort of digital work, including covers, wallpapers, manips, etc. I can also do hand drawn stuff if the story hits me as something that should be drawn. I can possibly do fic, but it'd be short. I don't do vids. I will do icons if they are paired with something larger, i.e. manip with icon of manip
Link to example(s): Fan-art tag at journal, recent wallpapers, an older manip
Medium: Digital Art, Photoshop CS
I'll create: Gen, het, slash, pretty much any pairing w/ John, random alien creatures, deathfic, certain OT3s and Team-OT4
I won't create: Femslash, NC-17 stuff, extreme violence (not because it squicks, I'm just bad at doing blood and guts), McWeir, anything for Real Person fics, explicit nudity (unless tasteful/artistic), pairings lacking regular or regularly recurring characters (i.e. Hermiod/Kavanaugh), art that doesn't include Sheppard (I don't have as much practice with everyone else, so be warned if you ask), non-con or bdsm, some extreme kinks, pregnancies (including mpreg AND female pregnancies), character bashing
Status: Available at the moment. 
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