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...or a boy
The Yellow Pages of SGA fandom
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Welcome to "Rent a Fangirl" - The Yellow Pages of SGA Fandom
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Round-Up Art/Fic/Vid
8th-Mar-2008 05:42 pm - Podfic
Username: miscellanny
My offer: I will record a podfic of provided stories - only for ones you've written yourself, unless you can provide the consent of the author. I consider it politer to ask first. ;) Files will be .mp3 and uploaded to sendspace for you.
Link to example(s): Ways to Die in the Pegasus Galaxy by crysothemis, Half Life by indy_go.
I'll record: I will consider anything but will have to decide on a case by case basis, since I have no idea in advance what'll make me feel odd, saying it.
I won't record: see above
Status: BUSY [All fics currently signed up for will be recorded ASAP, still.]
8th-Mar-2008 02:01 pm - Fanart, fanfic, fanvid
Gerard - Lolita
Username: dana_cz

My offer: I can make fic covers, manips, wallpapers for your fics; in some cases I can create hand-drawn or vector art. In theory I should be able to write a fic for your art as long as it's something that inspires me. I can also make a video trailer for your fic. I will write fics, no novels though. ;)

Link to example(s): Fanart, vids, icons and fics

Medium: digital art, corel draw/photo paint

I'll write/create/vid: Anything Sheppard/Weir goes. I'm also keen on Ronon/Weir and Lorne/Weir. I can do threesomes (please ask first), gender switch, NC-17, het. Gen only for art and vids.

I won't write/create/vid: I won't write/create/vid for Mckay/Sheppard, Sheppard/Teyla and any other pairings involving Sheppard. No slash, that includes femslash as well (though there are exceptions when it's gender switch fic). No incest, rape, some kinky stuff, non-con, OFC. Won't do unusual pairings such as Lorne/Parrish, Kavanaugh/anyone, Hermiod/anyone, Caldwell/anyone. Explicit nudity in photomanips. Drabbles with less than 100 words, I just can't do them. I won't write gen. If in doubt, please ask.

Status: Available for the moment
27th-Feb-2008 01:11 pm - Fanfic
Username: neierathima
My offer: I can write fic for your art, an episode tag, missing scene, random plot bunny, etc
Link to example(s): here, here, and here
I'll write: pretty much anything. McShep is my pairing, but I like basically everyone. I have almost no squicks, and I like a challenge
I won't write: exclusive Elizabeth, Teyla/Elizabeth, extreme angst,
Status: Available
23rd-Feb-2008 08:18 pm - Round-Up post
[boys]-tom hiddleston3
Leave a link to your fanart, fic, or vid in the comments. (make sure that both parties are okay with posting it at a public comm) Previews for art shouldn't be bigger than 100x100px. Thanks :)

linksCollapse )
22nd-Feb-2008 02:00 pm - Rent a fic-girl!
Username: perspi
My offer: I can write fic and ficlets for your vids or art or even just plain prompts.
Link to example(s): Here, and House fic (for reference, if you like) here
I'll write/create/vid: Pretty much anything. I like a challenge!
I won't write/create/vid: OK, what I said above does have limits. I won't write incest or RPF.
Status: Busy (until Jan 2009)
[boys]-tom hiddleston3
Just two short things:

If you want your status changed on the index post, either change it in your profile (we are checking them every couple of days) or leave a comment to the index post.

If you delete your profile, please tell us about that, too. Either in a comment to the index post or an email.

What about a round-up post? A post where the rentee can leave a link to the fanwork made for him.

Poll #1142680 Rent A Fangirl

So, what about it?

Yes, please!
No way!

Thanks for your time. *still working on the glossary*
21st-Feb-2008 06:20 pm - Fanart and doodles!
Username: _phoon_

My offer: Digital and traditional art, based on scenes in fic or covers, icons and doodles.

Link to examples:  Foreverdelayed at DeviantArt

I'll create: gen, slash or het drawings/icons/graphics. I usually draw realistic and I can do both digital and traditional. I can also do photomanips. I tend to focus on McKay, Mckay/Sheppard, or the team, but I'd like some challenges! Anything that inspires me!

I won't create: Explicit images, tasteful nudity's okay. Non-con, bdsm/slavery or heavy kink.

Status: busy
19th-Feb-2008 07:06 pm - New affiliate: rentafangirl
[boys]-tom hiddleston3
Yes, it's our sister comm. How did you know?

It's a multi-fandom comm. So, if you are a multi-fangirl feel free to join, add your profile and rent a fangirl.

Also: anna_luna suggested a glossary for our comm. Y/N? And if yes, anybody up to helping writing it?
19th-Feb-2008 10:13 am - Fanart
John and Rodney Kiss
Username: anna_luna

My offer: I can do fanart. I do both graphics and manips as well as traditional art (drawn/colored in the computer or using watercolors)

Link to examples: my fanart, some graphics and manips

I'll create: I can make gen, slash, het or femme!slash drawings and graphics. I like threesomes and moresomes too. It can be inspired by fic or just be a random request. I can make art that can be used to make headers/icons, but I won't make them myself i.e. I'll make you art, but you have to convert it to your desired use. :)

I won't create: Anything rated NC-17, non-con/bdsm/slaves, adultery, sad stuff (unilateral love, break-ups, death...) please don't ask me to make art for those kinds of fics, because I don't read them.

Status: Available
17th-Feb-2008 04:31 pm - Fanvid
TSN Jewnicorn Smile
Okay, I'll play. :)

Username: mamoru22
My offer: basically the only thing I can do is vid. :)
Link to example(s): http://www.viddish.org
I'll vid: I can do gen (team focused, episode focused or something about Keller, Carter, Jeanie or Teyla) and I love to do anything McKay/Sheppard.
I won't vid: Any other pairings than McKay/Sheppard (unless you give me a great idea of pairing I never thought of *g*) or anything focused entirely on Weir or Beckett
Status: Available
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